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We provide temporary and semi-permanent industrial buildings as a lower cost, lower risk and swifter build option. Industrial applications include warehousing and logistics, workshops and production areas plus loading bay and materials storage. We can also provide additional facilities for sport and leisure providers, retail operators, the hospitality sector and educational establishments.


Lack of space can severely affect the development of your business:

  • One of the main benefits of Big-Box-Buildings is the amazingly quick build times enabling businesses to capitalise quickly on expansion and growth.
  • Hiring a temporary or semi permanent building gives time to consider longer term options.
  • Temporary buildings are often used as an interim facility during refurbishment projects or after fire or other damage.
  • The option to buy after renting mean you can “try” before you buy.

Whether you buy, rent or lease your temporary building we offer a full turn-key solution, including service provision such as lighting and heating and other fixtures and fittings that you may need including racking, large access doors and flooring.


  • Fast, flexible and affordable buildings designed to meet the demands for additional space.
  • Usually constructed using heavy duty materials they provide varying levels of insulation and can easily be extended in length (or shortened).
  • These buildings can be erected on existing hard-standing in a matter of days without any ground-works or concrete base.
  • These prefabricated aluminium structures can be hired for the short term, or purchased for longer term use.

Points to consider:

  • Choose these aluminium structures if you only need them for a short period - up to 5 years - and are okay with their limitations
  • A temporary building is ideal if you think it could be moved several times
  • They are viable up to 30m span/width but can be as long as is needed, within reason.
  • They can have a 6 to7meter side wall height
  • Even though ‘insulated’ options are offered if you need a reliable degree of temperature control you’ll be better off looking at semi – permanent structures.
  • Temporary buildings in very windy locations are not really viable.


  • Buildings that can be built onto existing level hard ground without needing foundations.
  • Suitable for medium to long term use or where specific requirements like environmental control are required.
  • Can still be dismantled, moved or taken away.
  • Steel-frames allow stronger structures so suitable for any geography
  • Standard feature is a steel roof (any level of insulation) but PVC also possible
  • Design may be customised to allow a wide range of sizes and non standard shapes
  • A highly suitable and cheaper alternative to a traditionally built structures.
  • They provide excellent temperature control for sensitive storage and are people friendly (retail, education, sports, leisure, office etc)
  • More secure than temporary buildings.

Points to consider:

  • Choose steel-framed if it’s going to be there for longer, or if you need a tall or large single building, rather than a combination of smaller one’s.
  • Choose these if you need a non-standard shape/size, or if your location is within 5 miles of the coast or higher than 100m.
  • If you need proper insulation, or have to to maintain ambient or a specialist chilled/frozen environment, semi – permanent is the right choice
  • They provide a more comfortable, pleasant and quieter working environment.
  • They can be strengthened as required with solid panel roofs as standard and can also be specified with options like solar panels.
  • There are longer term cost savings and benefits with steel eg maintenance and repair. People also prefer them to work in.


Big-Box-Buildings are very excited to become UK distributors for a company who manufacture motorised, retractable, telescopic tunnels. These come in a range of sizes and uses, suitable for free-standing or building-attached applications including storage, workshops and transit corridors or covers for people and goods.

For more information take a look at these short YouTube videos:


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